Sunday, June 10, 2007


I just added two sites for women interests and issues. Both have blogs for food but have interesting info on other subjects as well which is why I am posting. The point is that there is information there especially for women, you may not read elsewhere.
The BLOGHER site is for all women bloggers to get their site listed and viewed. There are topics for everyone but the main idea is to list your site and be exposed. As you register your site you are asked to pick a category for it to be placed. Many topics for you to choose. If you do not have a blog but would like to, there is lots of help for you to begin. Like at BLOGGER.COM.
You may have read about this site called SK*RT, which seems to be showing up on many headline news sites. Topics discussed are quite varied but do pertain to womens' issues. You can vote on the post as to importance. At the top of the page you can pick a category of interest which gives you recent posts for a given category. You can select those posts that are most important. Either way, there is lots to read.
Both of these sites are important for women who peruse the internet looking for something relative to their way of life and interests. I would rather read of what interests me and other women than all the everyday Hollywood glitz and woes their money brings to them. So look into each site for something of interest to you.

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