Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chocoholics take heed!

If you a chocoholic, here is some interesting info for ya. Here is a picture they posted with this title- "this-chocolate-treat-should-come-with a warning". Read the whole article and see just what this is all about. This is one amazing piece of sweets for all chocolate lovers. I could not believe it. I had to find some chocolate as soon as I finished reading the article. Thanks to "desertculinary" for the article.
Here is the latest chocolate survey on those little chippers we use so often in cakes and cookies. Some folks decided to do a rating on chocolate chips and Guittard came out on top. Ghiradelli was right up there as well. It was good to know where my chocolate chip choice came out. Check it out to see how your favorites rate. Interesting!
Here is someone who decided to make Lemon Cupcakes With Milk Chocolate Frosting Adapted from Perfect Light Desserts by Nick Malgieri and David Joachim after the Virginia Tech shooting. It was a great idea to pass out these cupcakes "with the hope that with each crumb, the world would be a sweeter, more tender place."

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Jeanna said...

Gorgeous photo. These look deadly.