Friday, June 1, 2007

Bought a NEW KitchenAide

I am so excited since I purchased a new KitchenAide mixer yesterday. Bright red, no less. This has been a dream come true as I have looked at them for years but the price was not right, like too high. Anyway a lady posted an alert on KitchenAide mixers that were reduced on Amazon. I checked it out and the 6 quart was already over but the 5 quart was still in progress. It has 3 beater attachments, chrome bowl and pour it attachment. Anyway I checked the colors I might want and found my gift coupon for $10 that was still good and DID IT. I have a few weeks to wait for delivery(no delivery charge) but already picked a few recipes to make. So I made space already by moving things around cuz I am going to keep it available. BTW I checked Amazon and the price has gone back up. I would imagine alot of folks jumped on this deal. I always look to compare prices before I buy any electronics cuz there usually is someplace that is more reasonable and especially no shipping charges.

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