Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I am on a new quest--looking for cooking annuals either previous years or current(2006-2007). I found the latest for "Taste of Home 2007" at amazon.com but it is too pricey right now. The previous cookbooks from 2000 to 2005 are more reaonable. The cookbook for 2005 is probably the one I will go for now. Another book I am looking at is called "Fine Cooking" which is being offered with their subscription for this year. Not so sure if I would like to have it but may have it sent, look thru it and decide then.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am creating my own online cookbook mainly with the recipes I find this year. I may have to make the book into separate sections as it creates a separate page for each recipe which normally a cookbook is not created that way. It sure is alot nicer to look at a cookbook the way I am creating it versus looking thru a list of files to find what I want. They have an index page at the beginning by categories which is another facet I like.
One thing is that I do make many of the recipes that I save mainly for a variety in my meals and treats. This week I made the peanut butter/chocolate treat which is rather rich. I also tried a mexican dish and scalloped potatoes to go with my pork. This is the week for promoting cooking for tailgating(which is not allowed for Super Bowl Sunday. IMAGINE!). BHG has come up with a site BHG RECIPES and I need to look at Southern Living as I feel sure they will have something also.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Another week has passed and I have located some ideas from Southern Living Magazine listed as TOP 40 HOLIDAY DESSERTS FROM SOUTHERN LIVING. Very goood show of foods to make for your holiday company.
Here is a place to see all the sites that won awards for their contributions to food blogs.
One nice thing about this is that you spend lots of time going from blog to blog to get the latest. I have definitely added this site to my favs as I have the whole list available onscreen. Fun, fun.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Today is my first day of setting up my blog where I can publish my cooking finds on the internet as well as to express my feelings for food in general. I have become addicted to cooking blogs and look forward to reading what others have published regarding recipes, cooking, and restaurants to visit. Whether I agree or not is not the issue as I am willing to learn about what is available. My latest adventure is to create my own recipe book from many of the online finds that reach my taste buds. This I am doing thru the online offer from BHG which I will post the site later on. Somewhere down the line I would like to create a Family recipe book with all the great ones from my Mother, my own recipes and those from family members.