Sunday, May 25, 2008

Enjoy Your Memorial Weekend!

With all the hoopla of parades, bands and cooking out, my town is having a concert in the park. Great idea to listen to some music while munching on some great food from the grill. Oh yeah, there always is a food stand where you can buy what you want but food from home sure tastes better.
What better way than to have a Twinkie or cupcake from Hostess. I found a way to make my own Twinkies over at "Top Secret Recipes" by Todd Wilbur. This is a how-to video for you to follow which is quite easy. I know it is so much easier to pick up a pack at the grocery store for your picnic. So try this some time soon. I read about even having a fried Twinkie but have not gone that far yet. But I did find a recipe for fried cheesecake bites at that I sure want to try.
How about freezing green onions or fresh grown herbs? I happened upon Lunchinabox blog by Biggie where she described how to do this using empty water bottles. So simple but makes sense. Now as she says there is a time limit to keeping these items in the freezer. Sooo, it sure beats throwing this out and having them available, pronto.

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