Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I had an interesting time at GROUP RECIPES where I found some fantastic chefs and their recipes. One I wish to comment on is called chefjeb from Mississippi(click on name in sidebar.) Quite an interesting background and so many recipe honors that are really simple and won't scare you away from making. Being a New Orleans chef he has many southern recipes as well as others. Any recipes that lean towards southern I am naturally attracted to read. Anyway, go there and view what he has available. I feel sure you will find the page filled with great ideas.
Another chef who has a unique idea of presenting his recipes is called called chef john who uses videos on his site as well as gives the recipe. Interesting! Both he and his wife are chefs and he has quite a list of recipes you may be interested in making.
These men have a different approach to their recipes but both have great ideas and great recipes. This is the fun part of being a food blogger and finding new and refreshing ideas for recipes. Try GROUP RECIPES and see all the great recipes.

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Cherrie Pie said...

Hi, I will definitely check out their Group recipe food pages. Thanks for the tip!