Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cookbooks to check out

I feel sure many of you have cookbooks you love to look thru for a certain recipe. Or you may have cookbooks you thought you just had to have and still have not opened. I usually order a cookbook cuz I like the way the author cooks. One thing I like to do is copy out special recipes and save them to my own special cookbook.
Here are two new cookbooks I would like to bring to your attention. "Eating-Well-Healthy-Heart-Cookbook" by Philip Ades offers great recipes to help us out to eat better when it comes to our heart. No fast food stuff but good tasting and healthy. On April 29th this book--The-Oprah-Magazine-Cookbook-2008 will be available. These recipes are from O magazine showcasing great chefs who submitted their ideas to her magazine. In the event you don't get her magazine, here is a chance to get those recipes from great chefs all in one book.
Here is a tip I picked up at the food blog--Lunch in a Box . Look for April 15th and how to freeze meats. When I get ground meat I like to separate it into patties for future use. The idea here is to open and place the packaged meat into a baggie; flatten it out to about a 1/2 inch. Now take a long chop stick or ruler and "rule" out the portions. Close the baggie and freeze. This makes for taking individual portions out when needed as it should break off easily. Whether for hamburgers or chili or spaghetti, you now can take out just what you need. Can't get much easier! Try it and see how it works.

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