Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th to everyone!

We took a break today and went to eat at one of the casinos that have opened since Katrina roared thru in 2005. They had a fantastic buffet for under $10 and it was crowded. One of the best things was the desserts but all of the food was good and hot. That is one of the perks to getting there at the first sitting. They have the foods set up by cusinine and the southern was the best which included a large mound of prepared shrimp. They were so big and so tasty. Visitors never seem to get enough of fresh shrimp and this year's shrimp season is one of the best.
After thoroughly enjoying the meal we decided to play the slots for awhile. As usual I lost and my friend won. Oh well, I keep on trying. Not sure yet what the 4th will bring as I understand the weather is not going to be good for outdoorsy stuff.
Have a fun and safe day everyone.

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