Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer is here for sure

Summer is here and it is truly hot and sticky. Only 3 more months to go before fall will come on in. Anyway, the 4th is over and all the fireworks are shot up. Good thing as I found one on my roof as well all over the back yard. My neighbor has a blast each year but I am getting tired of it as it goes on til the wee hours. I just stayed home and coughed must of the day. Rats! Got some allergy going from what I understand.

So I decided to get to the farmer’s market and got some great veggies. Might as well as enjoy something in this heat. Came home and fixed eggplant parmesan which was nice and crusty. Next time I may try a casserole. Got a slew of tomatoes to last til next week. I eat well during the summer as I like all the fresh veggies and like to mix them up with other cool foods. Picked up shrimp today for a shrimp salad tonight along with a green salad maybe. The price is coming down on the shrimp as they are rather plentiful.

NO other news here on the coast. Everyone is staying in with the a/c running. I believe there is a fishing rodeo this weekend so that will be jumping for a few days. Two new casinos opened this week including a food spot at one by Emeril which is drawing a crowd. Hope his menu will be good as what I see on TV.

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Geoff said...

The chocolate recipe on your other page looks amazing. Definitely going to try it. I really enjoyed your blogs (I'm glad the 4th is over too!) Have a great weekend!