Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I thought this an appropriate picture versus all the others depicting chocolate. This way you can even use this in your email messages, etc.
Anyway I came across an article by Bob Sassone of Slashfood.com celebrating National Chocolate Day on October 28, 2007. In his article he mentioned a recipe for QUADRUPLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIES which certainly peaked my interest. I continued to search further only to find more info at Food and Wine.com. I could not imagine such a recipe and I proceeded to read it. Here is how F&W describes the creator(Michael Recchiuti) and the recipe is there as well.
Inspired by aromatic spices like sesame and pink peppercorn, and herbs like tarragon, San Francisco chocolatier Michael Recchiuti of Recchiuti Confections searches local farmers' markets for the absolute freshest ingredients. Beyond truffles, Recchiuti creates all kinds of fun, homey chocolate desserts (like s'mores), the recipes for which appear in his stunning new cookbook, Chocolate Obsession. However, he didn't choose to share the recipe for his four-chocolate brownies—until now. By swirling chunks of white, milk and bittersweet chocolate into a batter made with unsweetened chocolate, then melting and drizzling more all over the top, Recchiuti says this sweet has "all the chocolates I like in one brownie."
Recipe by Michael Recchiuti From Chocolate. This recipe originally appeared in December, 2005.
After reading this I just had to pass this on to all chocolate lovers who just might want to make this. I decided to pass this time as all that chocolate would be delicious but not good for me. Oh well, I will stick with my own recipe of one chocolate.

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