Saturday, April 7, 2007


Just browsing today and found a few recipes for Easter morning breakfast. At CRISCO.COM they had a braided, bread roll which looked really good. You would probably want to make it today as it used yeast. At TASTE OF HOME there was sticky buns or hot cross buns using a can of biscuits as the base. A quicky recipe without using yeast. As far as preparing Easter dinner, ham and lamb is the fare with asparagus on the side. I picked up my asparagus yesterday, so I am ready. Go to all your favorite food sites and you can find many great ideas. I got most of my ideas at MOM'S MENU mainly because the recipes are so homey(just like MOM used to make.) One idea I found there was for a CARROT CAKE which is one of my favorites. I decided to make cupcakes from the recipe. That way I can freeze them and have them as a treat now and them.
Happy Easter and enjoy your day where ever you spend your meal.

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