Tuesday, February 27, 2007

March is upon us

I have been having fun the past few days finding new cooking spots to view as well as blogs on cooking. The latest I found this morning was for 50+ if you are interested. The site name is EON and here is the cooking group community.eons
There are two cooking groups and I joined both. It will be a fun exchange of ideas, recipes and just comments. There are many groups to get into which I can read now and then but I chose the cooking cuz that is my main interest now. My favorite haunt now is Slashfood at Slashfood who always has something of interest going on.
Here is a place to post your stickies each day to keep from losing your to-do list. STIKKITS is the place to go each day whether to add something new or even check out your latest to-do-list. I am finding I go there more and more as I am thinking about jotting something down as I surf the web. Great!!!!
Another place for searching out something specific whether shopping or whatever. Come join WINZY and maybe even win something. They have daily prizes based on the members who come for searches each day. The site is WINZY This tells them I referred you to join.

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